How to Activate your FREE DreamSpark Subscription

As a Microsoft EES Campus Agreement subscriber, you are entitled to a free DreamSpark subscription (formerly MSDNAA) for use by the institution for instructional purposes only. This free subscription is NOT to be used for institutional IT infrastructure support. This will allow your institution to ensure that faculty and students can receive the software they need, free of charge, to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

To activate this free membership, please go to: and review the features of your 2 options:

DreamSpark Standard (institution wide access, limited products covered) and use the promotional code NAEES3 or

DreamSpark Premium (only for use by a Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math (STEM) department, more comprehensive product list) and enter the promotion code DSPNEES3

Click the Enroll tab and select the subscription you would like.

Be sure to select the New Membership option instead of the renewal option.

Enter the appropriate promotion code and your institution's EES Campus Agreement enrollment number when prompted.

If you should run into any problems, you can contact the DreamSpark hotline directly at (866)643-9421.